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With 23 fully upgradable weapons to carry out your mission, can you overcome all the oncoming enemies? Upgrade Abilities are vital to your survival in Gundam VERSUS, as they help unlock new features and systems. Currently these include: Fuel cell booster – Overcharged Fuel Cell (Speed up Fire) Engine Crusher – Unlimited Battery Booster (Speed up Ground) Power Amplifier – Repair (Defensive) Ammo Eater – Unlimited Ammunition (Defense) Orbital Force System – Repair (Orbital Shield) You can equip the same unit with more than one Upgrade Ability in your mission, but you can only equip one at a time. Your Upgrade Abilities increase in effectiveness the more you equip them in the same unit. ORB – Forming ORB ORB, the brand-new unit, is the master of High-Grade Weapons and Ammo Busting, in addition to increasing the overall damage to the enemies. ORB is equipped with Level 5 Speed Up. Units can change their name and data at the time of purchase, or during upgrades. You can change your name at any time to make yourself memorable. Choose your name and data from a multitude of options and tweak as you see fit. You can make your own changes to ORB’s name or data after buying it. Make your own play style unique with the ability to customize your favorite unit. To begin a mission, you need to have at least two units and one of them needs to have Level 1 Speed Up. CASH CARD BOOSTS It doesn’t matter if your unit is a huge threat in the battlefield. You can still give it a needed boost with a few CASH CARD BOOSTS. When you have a tank in your arsenal, even a huge boss will find your firepower overwhelming. RECRUIT STRIKE The ability to recruit is one of the most powerful abilities in Gundam VERSUS. No matter the condition of a unit, you can always add them to your party with a Recruit Strike. Even if the enemy is a tough opponent, as long as you have a powerful ally to back you up, you can take on the mission without worry. Your party members will increase in rank as you progress through the mission, granting you better tools to handle different stages of the mission. JUNGLE BOY



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