Over coming the statistics

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I was created with a purpose to say the least, being part of "the statistics" was just what i was born into. Mom being a recovered drug addict and fleeing from a domestic violence situation. Just like many broken homes, finances was a big issue. For the lack of better terms I was a "Welfare" baby. With a mentally sick mother, and an absent father, turning 18 didn’t mean freedom, it meant responsibility. Instead of enjoying my 18 birthday candles, I was stressing with my mother on how we were going to pay rent after the state taking away her benefits, because I was no longer being a child at the age of 18. I had recently graduated but had little to no work experience, nor did I have the proper resources in my life to help me get prepared for a job. For a couple of months my mother seemed to handle things on her own, till the fatal day came, when a Dr. cut one of her main arteries during a surgery. Only when my mom bled out internally did her Dr. realize her mistake. Never did she own up to her mistake, and she left my mother in a coma with no explanation on why she was responding to the surgery like that. With my mother lying in a hospital bed attached to machines, my brother and I were left to tend to the responsibilities of the house hold. Need I say less, it was a hot mess. Time after time the neighbor saved me from the raft of my brother. Like typical brother and sister we had fights. Not like typical brother and sister, my brother was diagnosed with manic bipolar, and I was diagnosed with smart ass. I learned a few lessons, when I could have just walked away... All of these factors put me in a very vulnerable state of mind, I just wanted to escape and make sure my mom wasn’t homeless, if and when she came home. Being in a vulnerable state of mind makes you the perfect victim to start grooming. For many of us when we hear the word groomed, we think about someone who washes your animals and makes them look even more exceptional to love. When you enter the world of Human Trafficking you learn the real meaning of groomed. Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or trafficking. Welcome to my story, on how I was sold across state lines.

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