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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Survivor Mentality Foundation was founded by a survivor of sex trafficking. Once out of the life, she noticed that there were many other stories like hers. Knowing that this was happening to so many other young women like herself, she took it upon herself to study and work hard in a field that will bring awareness and shining the light on this dark topic. One day as she was meeting with her clients, she realized there was a key component missing that can help better the life of sex trafficking victims. A mentoring plan geared towards creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals. We set out to create a curriculum that is survivor led, that will build confidence and security for the future of other survivors.  Our goal-setting curriculum is geared toward helping our clients increase their self esteem, celebrate their achievements, practice gratitude, practicing healthy relationships and building a brighter sustainable future. Using the specially designed Smart Goal Setting Curriculum and Planners, your mentor will help create a strong, structured path to help the survivor thrive.


"The best thing about Survivor Mentality Foundation is that it’s Survivor-led. I have been where you are and am committed to walking alongside you to help you fulfill your dreams."

-Mariah Marple-Sewe

About the Founder

Mariah Marple-Sewe is a survivor. From the age of 7 when she was molested, to the age of 17 when she was groomed and sexually exploited. At the age of 18 she was sold across state lines by her trafficker. As a survivor of Sex Trafficking, Mariah has dedicated her life to bringing awarenessto Sex trafficking and trauma. She has taken many trauma informed trainings, became a certified mentor, and began her pursuit of shining light on this dark issue. Mariah has published her story, been on a global podcast as well as radio and tv shows, and travels from city to city at different speaking events to share her story and open the eyes of the community around her. Mariah works with a non- profit called Gems Uncovered as a mentor and case manager to help victims transform themselves into Survivors with her Survivor Mentality mentoring program.

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