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Transforming Victims Into Victors

Survivor Mentality is a faith based Non Profit Organization created by a Survivor. We focus on Mentoring and Life skills that will help Victims of Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence. With our Goal driven curriculum, we sit each survivor down with a Mentor, one on one to help establish what the survivors needs are and how we can help create the life they want. Each survivor will receive weekly meetings with a mentor, and monthly meetings with a life coach. We offer to help with emergency services that can help place the survivor begin their new life. Every Donation counts, nothing is too little to help begin the healing path of these victims.

Trauma is all around us and it takes a victim to become a victor.  With the Mentality of a Survivor you can move mountains. All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed. 

Mathew 17:20


Helping Hands

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see, and to help navigate a course to their destination."

-John C. Maxwell

Why truama informed Mentoring is so important for Sex Trafficking Victims.

Having someone to provide support and guidance is essential to the recovery of youth who have experienced CSEC and Sex trafficking. Studies have shown that having a supportive adult in their life can help these young people build resiliency, set goals and create a path to a better future. Additionally, forming meaningful and trusting relationships with adults can help these young people regain a sense of safety and security. Furthermore, providing support and unconditional acceptance to these young people can help them feel seen and valued.

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